Mondays are odd when my boss is on the road and the work comes in fits and spurts. A moment to research other things, do some writing, maybe attend to the chores. But then I saw your picture…

0f8a1cb56f2f8c81ee1e612f9127ba98At the Cape yesterday I suddenly felt a sense of recall as we loaded the car and I walked past the front steps of the house. The brick, vivid blue door, not yet blooming shrubs seemed so familiar.  I hadn’t sat there all weekend.  Then I suddenly remembered we had brought Charlotte with us once. I had totally forgotten that! The poor girl had been so sick from drinking up the salt water that I sat with her on the steps, spoon feeding her water until she felt better.

Waves of feeling…oh what a sweet, perfect, loving girl you were. You adored the ocean! Chasing the waves, barking at them, running and running ahead then back to me as if to say “Come look! Did you see that?! It’s amazing!” I’m so glad I remembered that. You brought so much joy into my life after so much darkness. You were a gift meant just for me ❤