I awoke disoriented, not feeling well. Something has been up with the heat in this house since our arrival and it is like a sauna in my room. Add to that a mountain of quilts and I felt quite like I was overheating. At first annoyed by the exceptionally early hour, being compelled to open the window made it worthwhile. The sweet voices of the chirpers outside joined me and it softened my mood. How sweet of them to say good morning. Still too dark to see them, I imagine them hopping about, greeting their friends or whistling ditties to themselves as they gather their morning meals and other necessities to carry home.

Behind their songs, I hear a rolling symphony. A sound I wish I could bottle and bring home so that when stress creeps in I can open it, just a little, and let the endless music seep out and into my skin to calm me. Add to it the brisk night/day air that wafts in and oh, sweet relief. What is it about the sound of the ocean that affects me so? The second we arrived and I stepped out into the yard the notes of the tide pulling and pushing reached my ears and I felt my body deeply sigh and shift into a different place. There was a palpable ‘yes’ as though my physical body recognized that I had arrived home.

Perhaps I can sleep again. I feel a bit better and I have good company with me now. The sky has moved from black to gray so I had better make a decision about this before full light reaches my eyes and the decision will be made for me. No, I am not one of those fortunate souls who can sleep anywhere in any conditions, light in particular being a less than conducive one.

Alright, I will close my eyes and take in your music a little while. But not long. Sadly I leave you today and I want every moment I can get before we are too far away for me to hear you. For now though, rest calls. See you soon one more time Mighty Ocean.