There are all kinds of people who come and go in our lives. Some stay breathing life into friendship, open our hearts to love and embody what it means to truly be family while some go, disappear, leaving a mess in their wake.

I choose to celebrate those who arrive and stay and make life more luminous. Today, someone in particular. One day a friend said to me, “I have this friend Emily and you really have to meet her.” Well we did and holy shit do I feel like we know each other. And I don’t mean that we know each other like we know all the same people and share commonality as moms (which we do).  We know each other.

Wood-pathSo here is where I well up and I can’t help it. Why? Because how many people do you feel really know you that you can say absolutely anything to? That don’t mind if you cry, or feel shitty, or are exuberant, or needy, or just want to buy them coffee? She is one of those people and every time I read something honest she’s written, something inside of me breaks a little. The good parts that break are the ones that scream YES!! SOMEBODY GETS THIS SHIT! The dark parts that break are the ones that say oh no, you can’t do that. Way too scary. Way too dangerous.  You know what happens when you do that, people leave, people hide, people judge you. She can be brave, but you can never, ever, EVER do that.

Deep sigh. The thing is, I can’t help but be me. Sometimes I am less so, holding back a little. But mostly its things like Emily’s writing or something my kids say or a friend posting a picture of some pottery I made for them that warms my heart enough to feel that it is okay. That I’m okay. And to give a go again tomorrow at not holding back at all. To do my best at feeling it all and sharing it right back.

Thanks Emily. Today I celebrate you in all your gloriousness, being honest and leaving bread crumbs on the sometimes shadowed path for us to follow knowing you are up ahead.  To follow her path, too, you can go here.