Perhaps you are aware of this phenomenon, maybe not. Let me quickly get you up to speed. Every Thursday on Facebook folks are invited to post their most horrifyingly embarrassing fashion faux pas or ridiculously bad hair day photos from days of yore.  Thus, Throwback Thursday (TBT). I’m not sure how this started, but it has become firmly entrenched. Today in fact, two friends of mine, siblings, are in the midst of a TBT war of sorts posting the most horrid photos they can find from their 70s childhood. Quite hilarious for me as a spectator.

But this is not why I bring it up. Not at all. Today TBT illuminates a magical eight year remembrance. One that at the time I didn’t realize would begin the demise of my marriage and my attempt to finish grad school. Eight years ago marks the beginning of a tumultuous number of years lacking sleep, painful struggles, and sacrifice of the most selfless kind. It was a decision that I would grow more steadfast in with each passing year, with little doubt of our lives being meant for one another.

Here is that reason….


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