A dear friend wrote to me “give yourself room to breathe.”  How did she know I was holding my breath?

Sitting and breathing, I feel my mind say ‘I will take you somewhere so easy to breathe’. I imagine a sun-dappled porch, light streaming through rippled ancient glass panes. Canvas-covered iron chairs and swings, I sink into the pillows of a worn couch and hear the birds at their morning check in. I close my eyes and hear the leaves quietly rustle and their breath on my skin. Warm, soft air. I put my feet up and hear the slow sway of the swing pushed and pulled by the gentle breeze. Sigh. Deep and luxurious, it is the kind of sigh of nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing else but to be sitting here in this quiet space just listening. Just breathing. I picture the deep greens of the grass, leaves and bushes all different shades layered upon one another. Bright splashes of canary yellow, deep sunflower yellow and blinding white where the sun hits the white blossoms and bounces back.

Thank you for giving me access to this place this morning my friend 🙂

book club and toby 020

Image by Laura Boggess