Breathe. Do it again.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to ask ‘what is it I want right now’.  Adding ‘right now’ to the end makes it so much more palpable. Attainable. If I say ‘what do I want’ there is this whole vast abyss of monumental desire in multiple ways at work, home, in my relationships as  a mom, daughter and sister, in relationship with others close to me, etc etc. But to say ‘right now’ changes everything.

Right now I want the focus and clarity to do my job well as it is today.

Right now I want to feel grateful for my home- its warmth, its safety, its familiarity.

Right now I want to be able to accept others as they are without judgement or wish to change them.

Right now I want to see, feel, smell and touch all the lushness around me.

Right now I want appreciate all these same things within me.

It occurs to me that this is enough. There doesn’t need to be more. I don’t need to worry about then, when, how or someday in the future.  Is it not true that all we really have is right now?

What do you want right now?

Water droplet