So many lists seem to be going around as the New Year approaches….10 Ways to Improve Your Life, 3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men,  20 Things to Do Before You Die, 12 Ways to Stop fill-in-the-blank, blah blah blah. I actually just received one via email- Top Five Regrets People Say on Their Death Bed.  Oye. But are they all really blah? Some of them seem to have good intentions (though I realize many are pure crap).

As a list maker myself I can see the benefit of listing it out and hanging it up somewhere as a reminder. You know, like a grocery list to a better life. Go to yoga, clean the basement, go through the pile on the desk. But how long is that list up there before it really gets looked at or even done? I think I had a list on the fridge for almost a year of about a dozen home improvement ideas. Guess how many got done…two. There are a million reasons for this and I am not beating myself up about it, just considering how useful such list making really is.

I’m not a resolution maker. Truly. The list rolling around my head is much simpler, less outcome focused, and more for today. Everyday.

Be kind. Listen intently. Give. Do my best.

For now, I think that about sums it up. Will you be making a list, creating resolutions, determining a new path via writing it down? Let me know, I’d like to hear about it.