And so today I find myself in a new place. I thought it would be familiar, returning around the spiral again and touching the moon-kissed place where I am still, wondering, questioning, and seeking again. This time it is different. I am sitting in the stillness, listening, and there is a strange sense of peace and waiting. I realize I am not waiting for some divine inspiration or intervention, it is my own wisdom I am waiting for.

I have gathered wise women around me, so blessed am I to have them to call upon. What has become clear by pulling them close to me is that the wisdom, the knowledge I seek, is within me and not without. It is not mystical or even necessarily profound, but waiting until I am still enough to hear my own words in my ear.

Now I have chosen to change the way I do, I act, I react. Until I know what it is that feels purposeful, with meaning, and what my role in it is, I am going to walk. And throw at my wheel. Open to whatever comes, whatever drifts through my head, and just listen. For a while. And eventually I will know.

And for now these little luminaries will be my company. The forms I will repeat and repeat and then carve and see what comes. Maybe they will go out into the world, maybe not. That isn’t important right now. For now the will be my nightly presence in meditation at my wheel.