Suddenly the nights have a chill (a welcomed one!) and the leaves are just starting to turn into lemon yellows, rust and chestnut browns. Ahhh my favorite time of year.

The clean out tag sale was a success! Now there is room for new shelving, works in progress, and larger pieces! Tomorrow I have big plans to resume vase making as well as seeing glaze results on a variety of work. I am thinking positive that the new purples are as terrific as I am hoping.  I am looking forward to pushing myself to make taller and taller forms. I love the challenge and reaching new heights (14 inches is my current record) is so satisfying.

Today I am learning as much as I can about the artists at the Coop and how the shop functions. The most interesting people stop in and there is so much variety to see. I look forward to getting my work up on display by week’s end.