The last month or so has been an interesting time of transitions. Sometimes it seems to take forever to get from point A to point B, but I have learned that rolling with the punches isn’t an option but a necessity.  With summertime full of camp, sleepovers, family, broken bones, plans dashed by weather, the garden, and lots of time playing, it is a wonder I get anything accomplished.

With summer ending and school beginning for the kids, at the end of August I could finally begin to make more work, consider where to show it, and plan the next steps in my business plan. Some cohesive collections have come together and the latest rounds of glaze testing are this week. I have jumped back into the consignment pool and had work accepted by a sweet vintage and handmade shop here in town called Pale Circus. It felt good to meet with someone who wants to put handmade work out into the world. It felt like a good connection.

I will also soon have work for sale at the Shelburne Arts Cooperative in Shelburne Falls. I am interested to work again in collaboration with others. I am not an artist who relishes hours of solitude, just me and my craft, masterpieces made all on my own. I like feedback and creative brainstorming. It really feeds my work and inspires me to try new things. I am also looking forward to working with the public again. That is one thing I have continued to miss since leaving the gallery world.

Lastly, pictures are my goal for completion to finally launch the Etsy shop. Along with that, a launch party!

Good, good things are cooking on the stove of creativity, filling my mind with new project ideas and breathing life into past ideas I haven’t had time to nurture. Feeding my soul, too, is oh so welcomed with a big ahhh and a YES.