What did I learn this weekend? Riding the Boomerang at Lake Compounce can put a serious cramp in your Monday workday. Ouch.

The resulting backache, neck pinch and overall fun-induced fatigue had me moving slow yesterday. I am glad I planned to work on mug handles. It went pretty well so maybe avoidance won’t keep me from making mugs in the future.  I do like the process of figuring out what the right fit is for the mug size. Is it big enough? How does it feel when the mug is full of liquid? Is the mug too heavy? Two finger or whole hand handle? I have to admit that I am pretty anal when it comes to how my morning coffee feels in my hand. The true answers to these questions won’t be revealed until they are completed after glazing and firing again so we will see in a few weeks! Right now they are drying and will be ready to bisque next week.

I am happy to say I dropped off my work for consideration at the Shelburne Arts Cooperative yesterday and will hear by Friday what they think. I am excited to be back on the gallery floor, meeting potential customers, and getting my work out there.

Lastly, new glaze research. Time consuming, but very necessary. You’ve all seen the Forget Me Not Blue with Butter. Just like looking for a dress you have an image of in your mind, I have the color combo in my head and am hunting for the right recipes. Keep you posted!