I look often to see if potter Euan Craig has posted from Japan.  I cannot believe what is happening to them, around them. His words are so beautiful, gracious. Yet, while I can’t help but read them with tears in my eyes, I cannot stop and want so much to do something useful for them. “The internet was made for times like this” Euan writes. I think he is right more than he may know.

This life I live in America is so far removed from so many realities elsewhere in the world. I just took a few minutes to channel surf and find it bizarre and disturbing to see (in this order) half naked Brittany, talk of the royal wedding, Dancing with the Stars highlights, dissection of Obama’s speech…its 8:51 am….discussion of Libya? Are the reactors in Japan stabilizing? Are people there getting water and food? What’s going on in Afghanistan? Does anyone here know of the hostages taken in Iran? The oil tanker seized near Kuwait? Oh there’s a ticker about radiation reaching Massachusetts…

We should not just be entertained by the idiot box. I have to search to find out what is going on elsewhere in the world? No wonder the internet is taking over, since that is where I can find the news we should all be acutely aware of.  Those without internet truly have no idea but for the scant moments of reality sandwiched between cooking tips and the latest celebrity gossip in the ‘news’ cycle on FOX or NBC. I am so tired of the ridiculous, thoughtless, random and general mindless sheep the populous in general is turning into. It is a fight to resist the drone of sleep, wake, work, eat, repeat. We have to fight it though and I am grateful for the aware friends I have, the artists who raised nearly $80,000 through Handmade for Japan and for the internet keeping me informed and connected.

Today I will remind myself to stop and smell something, eat something delish from the earth not a box, to hold something unique and beautiful and to focus on this moment alone.  I am lucky to be able to do that. I will wish that for you too Euan.