As I read my last post I see that it was from the end of December. Boy, time sure does fly. SO MUCH has been happening lately. To summarize- the circumstances in my life along with some timely inspiration from my kids has steered me towards new joyful work, I rolled my car in one of our many snow storms and walked away with a closer eye on the quality things in life, and I have joined in an inspiring and invigorating partnership with fellow artist Dawn Fessenden.


Dawn and I will be opening an etsy shop within the next six weeks called OH! Only Handmade.  Initially we are focusing on ceramics work, but plan to expand to include Dawn’s felting and my metal work. Keep you posted as to when the grand opening is!

As part of this venture I am launching two new lines of work that I have been exploring. The first line focuses on unusual planters, pinwheel dippers, vases and other pieces in this glaze combination.

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I am also really excited to dive into a new line of giftware. Inspired by my amazing children, I can only say right now that making these new pieces is pure joy and I cannot wait to share them with you! Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to share images of the first test pieces that just came out of the kiln.