The last few days have been…..interesting? Nah, too boring a word.  Enlightening, reflective, delightful, joyous, and unexpected. Somehow I’ve managed to eat good food, have great conversations, breath a sigh of relief, make some decent art as well as give and receive some damn good hugs. And thus, I will now shamelessly plug all those responsible for the worthwhile 36-48 hours I’ve been experiencing:

The Wishing Year by Noelle Oxenhandler
Starbucks Italian Roast as well as Shelburne’s Chai
Heart and Hands Therapy
mom’s leftovers
Siren Cafe’s choc and banana loaf (to die for)
Community Yoga
my futon
Green Field’s Market
Sweet puppies
The Rendezvous
cozy jammies
Kris, Kacia, Dawn, Jenny, Michelle, Jamie, Cathy, Lora, Lisa, Becky, Katie, Mike, Tracy, Monte and Goona.