Today I found my way back to the yoga mat. I lost count of how many times I was scrunching my shoulders, holding my breath, and witnessing the drifting of my thoughts. And it was okay. It was good actually. And like so many other times a million blessings, wishes, ideas, hopes, and inspirations came during shavasana…

I can be here and be all the things each moment brings.

I can be wishful, wistful, worrisome and wise.

I am kind, and wanting, and too idealistic on any given day.

It’s okay. Because I am.

I feel sorrow, joy, emptiness, hope and patience all held in the palm of my hand.

At any moment one will fall through my fingers while another lifts me up.

I am glad, sorry, stubborn and giddy.

It’s okay. Because I am.

And you are too. We can…no, we will and do manage. And that is enough.

Because I am and continue to be here, in this moment, I am holding out my hand.

I will keep holding it there through fear, in strength, with compassion and hope

to sometimes receive and sometimes give

and that is enough.