Over the last few weeks I have been exploring the swirl that seems to appear in my work whether I plan it on not.  How it is created and flows through the piece is becoming more natural and rhythmic after much practice.

In the meantime something else interesting seemed to evolve. As I am exploring the vessel shapes, how thin, how wide, etc. I have been pushing how far I can go with them. Some interesting forms began to appear.

Creating the work has triggered a thought process around the disintegration of what is precious. As I observed the de-evolution of each piece, I began to see how one would disintegrate due too much water, too little, too much force, overworking or rushing it.

How often in life is what we hold precious compromised because we rush to judgement, overwork a situation, neglect it or try to force a particular path to occur? Do we take something that is precious all in its own way and try to force it into to something it isn’t? Do we ignore it, being neglectful thinking it will always stay pristine and precious even due to our neglect?

I plan to continue creating these forms side-by-side with those intended to uplift. I am curious to see where this vein will take me….