Interesting, albeit weird, day today.  Spent the afternoon in bucolic Ashfield at the Double Edge Theater immersing myself in conversations about life in rural areas particularly Appalachia. A phenomenal documentary on Appalachia called Stranger with a Camera was presented and honestly, I wasn’t prepared for the impact it would have on me. I couldn’t do it justice by attempting to encapsulate it here. I am hoping that there will be the potential to do a showing here and have collaborative conversation relating it to the poverty in our county and what the parallels are.

It brought up more questions than answers for me. A lot to digest, consider, and spit out as well. What is our connection to place? What is it’s meaning for me? Is it connected to what I do, what I perceive that I am, or not really? And meanwhile I weigh going out of town, staying in place, trying to focus, or go with the flow, or not do any of that. Just being, not being able to, and feeling tired but too wound up to sleep.  I feel like after eating way too much at Thanksgiving and it can’t be undone. Too damn full.

Ever have a day like that? 🙂