There has been so much happening around here as far as life in the summer! One of the most joyous parts for me has been spending time with my friend Dawn Fessenden of Claydance Pottery.  Going to her studio in bucolic Ashfield has been a sheer pleasure. First Obi greets me and sometimes a sheep or two and who doesn’t love a puppy hello?

There is also the amazing view and gardens smells on the breeze that just really make me relax despite any resistance I may have.  I get to enjoy hearing the birds visit the many feeders Dawn has made right outside and talk about art, music and what we are thinking about in our work. We are both exploring various new forms and I really find it feeds my creative process to share ideas and techniques.

Another true blessing is learning about Dawn’s glazes. She is willing to take risks, try new things, and is open to sharing with me where she is at with it. Here is an example of arecent piece of mine. I am working out the best glaze choices for showcasing the detail on the inside of the bowl and having the interior and exterior tie together.