Summer is under way and there is so much I am being inspired to create, explore, devour and meditate upon.

For the first time we spent the week on Cape Cod. I know, I know. How did we not go til now? I couldn’t give you a reason but finally having been given the chance, I must say that I can’t wait to get back. The sound of the waves, feel of the wind, so much art around, laughter….so many reasons to get back and soon.

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Strangely, while enjoying the sun, the kids, the landscape, we found ourselves in a surreal world. Connected by technology, we listened and learned in horror as one of our friends is losing her battle with cancer. Ten weeks. Ten weeks is all she has had to be angry, to fight, to barely get a chance.  It’s been so very strange to go from joy to tears, to gratitude, to doubt and back again.  There are gifts and darkness and so much that I don’t know, don’t understand, can’t control.

I think this week in my work, I will try and wrap my head around what has happened. The vacuum that can’t be filled. The voracity of an unseen, insidious enemy. My mind is in awe, in disgust, in great sadness.