Life has a lot of nerve moving in and taking over. Work, germs, kids, house, and suddenly it’s been how long since I wrote?? Ridiculous. So to back up a bit to where I have been meaning to leave off…

The last leg of the Elephant’s Eye Studio Tour in Bucks County, PA led us to Lisa Naples’ studio and guest potter Gloria Kosco. Gloria and I had a terrific conversation about her recent fire brick purchase for gas kiln building. I love feel of her pieces in my hands. Not buttery smooth like the porcelain I am used to, but just as pleasing in a different way. The texture is meaty. Sturdy and solid. Warm. Her work has so much variety and I love that.

The addition of two of Gloria’s petite mugs to my collection have inspired me to start a wall of pieces like Gary Jackson‘s that I admire.

I have been contemplating Lisa’s gorgeous fountain and her egg forms. I wish I could have talked to her about them further. They have inspired me for a new series of pieces still germinating. Maybe on one of my trips we can meet up for coffee and a clay conversation!