I am looking forward to not only seeing my friends Erin and Megan this weekend, but exploring the offerings of handmade at the Annual Art Star Craft Bazaar on Penn’s Landing.  

Erin and Megan have created a unique aesthetic through the work they represent at the Art Star bricks and mortar location and welcome into the Bazaar. Some work feels anime influenced, other pieces stem from the upcycle/recycle movement. Much of the work has a illustrative element to it be it through drawings or graphic symbols. I find it all interesting.

The approach by the artists to their work feels really fresh to me. Not new so much as their own individual style that comes through. Some of it feels brazen, unabashedly so, and I love that.  Each artist has set their own standard for themselves as far as the envelopes they decide to push. There is a whimsy to many pieces and sometimes I sense sarcasm through the imagery.

I can’t wait to see who is new this year. I am excited to be able to go and work at the event. It’s a great opportunity to meet other artists as well as catch up with old friends.