Catching up on email on Mondays is sometimes an arduous task, but not today. Today there were many great things in my box including a timely post from Laurie Erdman on her blog The Spirit of Clay. I read through it a couple times and thought about what I’ve been making, finding my voice through my pottery making, and the what comes from my hands when I’m really listening.

It reminded me of when I was painting large canvasses (like four ft by eight ft large). I could spend half day focusing on one area stepping back from it and then stepping back in to where it was leading me to go. It was an intimate process where whole days could disappear, where I would disappear.

It would become clear when I wasn’t truly listening. If I let myself get too sucked in, too into one place in the canvas, I would step back and immediately see the whole thing thrown off balance. It could have been the color or the shape, a million things, but I was too in my head thinking about to do lists, or grocery shopping, or the load in the laundry I didn’t switch over, whatever. I wasn’t listening, I was too busy thinking.

This article reminded me of getting back to that zone. Finding where the clay leads me instead of trying to tell it where to take me where I think I want to go.  Time to go get my hands dirty…