You’d think loading a kiln is like packing the trunk or putting cookies in the oven. Nope. Notsomuch.

At the bottom of the kiln it may seem simple enough; put pots in, add posts, then shelf.  Well there are considerations you have to make! Is there a glaze with a chemical that should be nowhere near the element wires? Are there fragile parts that may heat too quickly near the elements? Am I using every possible space to make the firing efficient?

Onto shelf two…

Well it seems to be going just fine. I’m nestling the pieces within a quarter inch of one another and the supporting posts for the next shelf.

But there is a little too much wasted space. Unpack this shelf and try again. How tight can I get it? Good thing I like puzzles.

After some rearranging, the top half shelf is in and not too much space is wasted. Whew.

Done loading by 10am just like last time. Results on Tuesday!