So the latest pieces you see posted here are the culmination of weeks of work. The seed of the idea was months, years, in the making- objects for me must be a thing of  celebration and beauty. Why have things around you that don’t have meaning or lack inspiration? I don’t want to make more to throw away, to take up space, clutter or be forgotten. Why bother?

So I’ve experimented, continue to do so, had some a-ha’s, and now am refining one of the several designs in the cooker. These items, though the pic makes them look huge, rest nicely in the hand. I like that they ask to be touched. They aren’t so precious as to scream “I’m breakable! You have a lot of nerve picking me up!”  The concept is a Vessel of Intention, to be given with a specific idea or moment to celebrate in mind.  I am creating a library of quotes available to purchasers to express the sentiment they are striving to convey. They can hold a candle, a small gift, or items shared at a ceremony or other event.

Recently I gave one as a gift of gratitude to a close friend. I included a quote card and wrote her a note on the back and she loved it!  We agreed that having a gift given with intention means so much especially when it’s made by hand.