These pieces were the most successful of the recent kiln load.


So what is successful anyway? What a loaded question. For me, I am looking at a couple of things:

An interesting color palette- Is there a color theme? Do the colors make sense throughout the piece? Is there variety in the glaze itself or is it just a simple color wash?

A nice feel in your hand- Does it feel supple or chalky? Does it feel like you want to touch it, or does it have sharp edges or a rough texture?

Kiln magic- Are there any really unique a-ha’s that are just incredibly beautiful, accidental, and make the piece sing?

Lastly, can I replicate it? Is it a “one-of-a-kind”? Is it exceptionally beautiful for some reason? Why?

I consider these pieces well executed in form and weight. The glaze compositions are a little more vibrant than evident in this picture. There are some rich green hues and reds which were nice to see.  Many notes to make now to see where these pieces lead me!