New work was unloaded yesterday in time for an afternoon critique with friends and colleagues.

It is helpful to receive feedback from the non-artist; someone who can look at the work with not only a fresh eye, but the eye of the potential buyer or user. What is it for? How does it feel? What is it’s scale?

For me as an artist, I don’t find my work to be as successful when I create it in a vacuum, the vacuum being me and just me at my wheel or considering glaze choices. It isn’t just about what I like. While I am always considering composition, color, balance, etc., I am also always weighing who will be taking possession of the piece after it leaves my hands. Why will they choose it? How may it be unique to them? What does the piece say about the ceremony it is for?  What life does this piece have all it’s own?

This stage in the process may be the most magical in hearing what another sees or feels that I hadn’t realized or consciously created. This stage is when the piece takes on a life all it’s own.