artstar craft bazaar


This past weekend I was given a rare gift. For six years now my good friend Erin Waxman of the ArtStar in Philadelphia has hosted, with her business partner and fellow Tyler grad Megan Brewster, The ArtStar Craft Bazaar. Each year I have wanted so much to go, but something always confounded being able to attend.

This year, we decided the kids could handle it and  no other scheduling conflicts were in the way. I was off! I was able to buzz down Friday, see the event Saturday, and buzz home Sunday in time for my supportive spouse to get some down time on her own. Yes, success at last!

Stephanie Pray

Jewelry by Sheri Pray

I am so grateful. You can only imagine! I was able to see my Philly family AND immerse myself in the work of new artists. There was so much to see…

Tasha McKelvey

Tasha McKelvey

Snowday Ceramics

Snowday Ceramics


 I am inspired by the dedication and drive of these new artists. The have their own ideas, their own aesthetic and they have created a community like I haven’t seen before. They collaborate and support while being unapologetically bold and brave. They are determined to do ‘it’, whatever it is, their own way. It was very impressive. In what is supposedly an economically depressed time, the event was packed. So much so, that there were booths I couldn’t squeeze into to see the work. Wow is all I can say about that. Clearly they are onto something.

I came home with my mind and hands a-buzz. This has led to some new ideas and reworking of old ones. The fresh pieces out of the kiln combined with the ideas from this weekend and thoughts of my kids have spawned a new series of work entitled “Little Buds”.