cere-vessel-2I am excited to be working on my first ‘real’ ceremonial vessel for an upcoming baby shower. The child is not yet born and the event will celebrate the child as well as the pregnancy and birth. I have been playing form, size, shape, etc. but hadn’t had a specific event in mind…til now.

The piece needs to hold items to be shared by about two dozen attendees. I suggested including a note with the invite like “As part of our celebration artist and friend Pam Kinsmith is providing a porcelain bowl to gather shared objects. Please bring something small (that could fit in the palm of your hand) such as a stone or other keepsake to contribute to the bowl at the shower.”  My only basis for comparison was our wedding where we invited the attendees to bring a symbol of their love and participation in our ceremony. It proved to be a memorable part of our day.

I am leaning towards doing more sculptural bowl forms for this event rather than the two tiered design which is feeling more appropriate for a wedding where two rings or objects can be held in the upper tier while the lower surrounds them with the objects brought by attendees. They are almost ready to trim and get into a bisque firing so I can have it ready for the event in May. So exciting!

Another item I am considering for this particular kind of event is a keepsake baby rattle. Here is a prototype idea though I need to work out the flat bottom. Fun to make though!