This morning was a riot with one joke after another. Mama got everyone with saying it was snowing and there was a foot of it on the ground. The kids focused on worm-on-your-head jokes. I guess subtlety is developed in the brain much later in life.

So I have been thinking about what do I want to make and what do I want to learn. Should I be honing a skill, like handles on mugs (which I hate), or developing ideas like my ceremonial vessels? It is an interesting question. I flip flop back and forth week to week. Some weeks I want to crank out work focusing on a skill, other days I want to play and be creative allowing what ever happens to just come out of my hands without trying to control it. I have an idea for a new series of work constructed of forged stems and porcelain buds and petals like forms. Ah, but then to get a forge…

I am enjoying developing my own glazes which is very satisfying. I have been please with very few pieces that come out of the kiln as they don’t ‘feel-look-embody’ what I envision my work to be like. Working on this phase may motivate me to make more work as I haven’t really been putting my nose to the grindstone.

All for now!