Wow, almost a month since writing. That exemplifies how quickly one can stray so far away. kris_fish

As these pictures illustrate, I have been surrounded by some amazing art my glorious children have been working on. Here a flying fish has written our names in the sky. Brilliant.

kaciaAnd her abstraction grows from the beginnings of hand tracing and mapping the space. I love the use of color to tie it all together. Again, brilliant.

In the midst of their making art, I lost mine, and regained it again. What are my goals? From where have I come? Where is it I want to get to? It is in this place I am returning to my creative roots. It isn’t about producing volumes, but about producing what I manifest as unique and beautiful form. Who cares if it takes forever? Who cares if it initially doesn’t look like much. I want to follow the form through. I want to not execute the next phase until the first one is where I want it to be. And when the glazing is to be done, I want to ensure it is going to embody what I envision. I want it to be what I see in my minds eye.

And so with that, I am working on two key forms to date- covered containers and drinking vessels. I want them to feel a certain way. I want to find what it is I want to say in the form. I want beauty, function with funky, and the whole thing to work together in it’s own way.

Two covered containers to date. Pictures coming soon. I am back on track. My eye is on the ball. The force is once again, with me.